~ Cultural Harmony Through Music ~
Beijing, The People's Republic of China

 ~ 20th Anniversary ~

August 11-25, 2024

Since its inception in year 2004, Beijing International Music Festival & Academy (BIMFA) has become one of the most important and integral part of classical music in The People's Republic of China. For two weeks each August, artists and participants from around the world gather in the historic capital of Beijing to celebrate and share their gift of music. It is truly an unforgettable experience of a life time in both music and culture for those seeking to explore their fullest potentials in life.

The first and only annual international summer music festival of its kind in today's China, the 20th Anniversary Season of Beijing International Music Festival & Academy (BIMFA) will take place...READ MORE ABOUT US

BIMFA Highlights

It was in the month of August, 2023 when we last opened our doors and our hearts to welcome BIMFA students and artists in Beijing and to commence the two intensive weeks of musical and cultural interchange and communion. It is easy to say that for two complete weeks, all of us were profoundly engrossed and immersed in music, while living the culture surrounding us. We are proud and overjoyed for the glorious and successful festival season!

        CONGRATULATIONS To all 2023 Competition Winners!


Senior Division (age 16 and older)

First Prize: Liu Guan-Nan 刘冠男
Second Prize: Kristina Vartušek
    Third Prize: Jae Hee Min (閔齎喜)
Honorable Mention:
Zhou Chen-Xi周宸希; Zhang Jin-Xiao张锦潇; Guan Xiong-Zan关雄赞

Junior Division (Age 15 and younger)   

            First Prize: Yu He-Ming 余贺铭
Second Prize: Lee Hui-Jun 李慧郡; Song Ji-Lin 宋继霖
Honorable Mention: Xu Xiao-Han 徐小涵


First Prize Winners
Sun Hao-Ran 孙皓然 / Zhang Jin-Xiao 张锦潇
(Shostakovich Concertino for two pianos)
Second Prize Winners
Wang He-Run王鹤润 / Zhou Chen-Xi周宸希
(Debussy Little Suite for piano four hands)
Zhang Si-Xuan张思璇/ Wang Shi-Yu王诗羽/ Li Jia-Xuan李佳萱
(Brahms Piano Trio in B major, Op.8)
Honorable Metions
Chen Pei-Yi 陈佩怡/ Feng Yu-Xuan 冯宇轩/ Liang Shun-Zheng 梁舜政
(Schubert Piano Trio in B-flat)
Liang Shun-Zheng 梁舜政 / Qu Yang-Bo 屈扬博
(Prokofiev Cello Sonata, Op.119)


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